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Will the Fairfax GOP yield to Surovell's advocacy of secular humanist ideology?


On the political front: 
Gun rights advocacy, needed in HD 44.
House District 44 puts in an urgent 'distress call' to VCDL Chairman Fusaro. 
The Mount Vernon Statesman    ˇ    Monday, June 3, 2013

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An open letter to VCDL Chairman, Dennis Fusaro:

  House District 44,  Mount Vernon
     June 3, 2013 

Mr. Fusaro,

In 2011, you kindly wrote:

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Joseph A. Glean in HD 44, a conservative independent, gave a 100% pro-gun survey while one opponent, John Barsa (R) refused to answer and incumbent Scott Surovell (D) answered almost 100% antigun.
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Please be advised, Scott Surovell is running for re-election this year, and — for now, at least — the Fairfax GOP appears determined to give him a free pass.  Regrettably, there has been no visible opposition to his bid for re-election.  Not from the Republicans, or anyone else for that matter.

This is unacceptable.  Over the weekend, I submitted a proposal to FCRC Chairman Jay McConville, asking that they consider the possibility of submitting my name as their 2013 nominee for House District 44.

There are many, including myself, who hope the Republicans will move quickly to take me up on this offer, while there’s still a few more days left for Pat Mullins [State Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia] to make it official.

The nomination deadline expires at 7:00 PM, June 11, 2013.

To view my proposal in its entirety, visit:

In the meantime, I would be happy, once again, to complete and return your 2013 candidate survey, if you would kindly send me a copy by email.

Together, we must persuade the Fairfax GOP to take action in House District 44.  Together, we must find a way to provide the voters of this district with a choice––  one that is superior to Scott Surovell, with respect to:

    (1)  acknowledging [in general] the natural rights of mankind, 

    (2)  understanding [in particular] the purpose and material 
significance of the 2nd Amendment.

Thank you in advance, Mr. Fusaro, for any assistance/ guidance you are able to provide on this matter.

Joseph A. Glean
Alexandria, VA


Joseph A. “Joe” Glean
Former candidate (2011) for the Virginia House of Delegates, District 44.

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     ˇ   Action Item    ˇ   

Contact Jay McConville, chairman of the FCRC executive committee.  Then contact the chairman of your local magisterial district.  [Contact data, listed below.]  Voice your opposition to the advancement of abortion, gay marriage, gun control, and the State-imposed suppression/ abduction of our religious freedom.

And insist that the Fairfax GOP run a candidate in Virginias 44th house district who will boldly challenge the Democrat incumbent [Scott Surovell] on each of these points.

The last thing Mount Vernon needs is the 11th hour insertion of some half-hearted, party protégé.  What we need, instead, is for the Republicans to run a strong, principled conservative, who understands and advocates Americas founding principles, and who is not ashamed to acknowledge God, the author, creator, perfector of all that is good, decent, and wholesome.

Time is running short, but the task is remarkably easy.  All the Republicans have to do is submit the name of a nominee to the Virginia State Board of Elections by 7:00 P.M., June 11, 2013.

Yes, its that simple.

Surely there is someone here in the Mount Vernon area, ready and willing to confront this Democrat, head on.

Is there not?

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Organizational Overview

Jay McConville   FCRC Executive Committee,  Chairman
Address:  4246 Chain Bridge Road,  Fairfax, VA  22030
Telephone:  (703) 766-4467  

Ben Bush   Braddock District,  Chairman
Address:  --
Telephone:  --

Jill Cook   Dranesville District,  Chairman
Address:  --
Telephone:  --

Ryan King   Hunter Mill District,  Chairman
Address:  9516 Center Street,  Vienna, VA  22181
Telephone:  (703) 944-4133  

Susan Valentine   Lee District,  Chairman
Address:  6487 Warwick Circle,  Alexandria, VA  22315
Telephone:  (703) 924-3554  

Curtis Anderson   Mason District,  Chairman
Address:  3020 Beechwood Lane,  Falls Church, VA  22042
Telephone:  (703) 536-4487  

Doug Jones   Mount Vernon District,  Chairman
Address:  8412 Richmond Highway,  Alexandria, VA  22309
Telephone:  (703) 780-8282  

Troy Sponaugle   Providence District,  Chairman
Address:  --
Telephone:  --

Jason Flanary   Springfield District,  Chairman
Address:  --
Telephone:  --

Ralph Hubbard   Sully District,  Co-Chairman
Address:  6831 Kerrywood Circle,  Centreville, VA  20121
Telephone:  (703) 853-2880  

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